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NUUNION est.2020 DJs and Artists are available for all your upcoming events!

Specialized in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, associations, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, retail,

 corporate events and more!  NEW personal Virtual DJ Services and personal DJ Lessons available!

NUUNION is your one stop resource for DJs, MCs, Musicians, Singers, Dancers and more!


From a very young start DJ R!CH has had a huge love for all types of music.  A musician at heart playing the violin, clarinet and saxophone.  He started DJing as a teen and collected records and spun at house parties for

friends and family.  His diverse musical background and love of music stems back to a very young age!


DJ R!CH specializes in all genres of music and has over 20 years of DJ and music experience with social and corporate events and weddings.  DJ R!CH also enjoys the outdoors, fishing, biking, cooking and is the Founder and Owner of NUUNION est.2020. 

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DJ Dextrous

DJ Dextrous is a reliable professional who specializes in bringing the best music to weddings and all special events in Ajax, Toronto and the GTA!

Since 2000, DJ Dextrous has been honing his skills as a DJ, accommodating every musical taste and style for a fabulous party everyone will enjoy! 

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DJ Duck

At a very young age of 5 DJ Duck began his interest was sparked with playing around with his grandfathers stereo system.  In grade 8 he started off using tape decks and then after started to buy records on a consistent basis and started making mixtapes and DJing House Parties/Highschool Dances/Elementary School Dances.  Once he went to University, DJing continued to be his hobby DJing for University pubs and events as well as Clubs.  DJ Duck also produces music and does Latin remixes of popular English songs.   His wealth of musical knowledge spans over 20 years.  He is well known in the Latin music scene and the resident DJ For a few nightclubs such at El Rancho Nightclub and Estonian House.  In 2019 became a full-time DJ with his own DJ Duck productions and 2 other DJs.

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DJ Mack

DJ Mack is Toronto based producer that spins the latest in dance, hip hop, R&B, reggae and house. As a producer, his musical talent stems from his history of musical performance as a vocalist, pianist and DJ turntablist. Follow on IG and Twitter @DJMack_Canada or listen to the latest mixes on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/dj-mack/


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DJ Choogs

DJ Choogs has been Djing since 2014. He is a very versatile with experience playing in bars/pubs/clubs/lounges, corporate events and christmas/birthday parties.  He is specialized but not limited to Oldschool, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Classic house and Reggae. 

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DJ Deano

has been officially DJing since 2017. Deano has quickly racked up a database of fundamentals and advanced music theory to propel him in creating an exclusive experience for his clients.


Best known for playing R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, and EDM for all occasions. He DJs events including but not limited to: weddings, sweet 16’s, debuts, birthday parties, and private events. 

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AJ - Singer,  Kung Fu Karaoke

Toronto born Fil-Can, Anthony Joseph Lusaya (AJ) has been a performer since birth and professional singer for 25+years. In 2001, he won the title of Mr Star Teens Canada which landed him a contract as an artist with Viva Entertainment in the Philippines from 2002-2006.

He recorded and released his first solo album in 2003. On his return to Canada, AJ became an on air TV personality as host to a local tv program called “Filipino,Eh!” which aired 52 weekly episodes in 2007.

Throughout the years, AJ has performed in and out of the Filipino community both as a solo artist and with his acappella group, VerSes. Today, AJ is the owner and creator of “Kung Fu Karaoke” an entertainment company that offers both vocal, music and mobile karaoke entertainment to the Durham region. Officially founded in 2019, Kung Fu Karaoke has become a resident weekly service in eight pubs across the Durham region and has been booked in numerous private, corporate and community/charity events throughout the GTA.

With over 175 shows in its first year, a growing team and an engaged client base, KFK continues to offer kick ass entertainment both with in-person performances and now, by way of cheeky and creative social media content online.


Ivan LE Barron MC - Happily Ever Laughter


It was a few years ago when I was looking to start a career in stand up. I was actively looking for random open mic nights around the city to get exposure and experience. The same year a few of my close friends were getting married and asked me to be their emcee; and the rest is history. Just from those 3 weddings alone, snowballed into 10 bookings the following year. Over the years I have gained experience and exposure; developed relationships, learned more about this industry, and definitely learned how to work a crowd. 

The importance of having a good Emcee:

It is an important and demanding job that requires energy and skill. A good emcee is engaging and has the responsibility to set the tone for the evening; they can also take a lot of pressure and stress off the bride and groom. A bad emcee who isn't prepared can throw an event off kilter and turn it into a boring train wreck of a spectacle. Emcees are specifically trained to keep the entertainment of an event on schedule, keep the attention of the crowd and provide direction. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.


Farrah De Luca, Dance Specialist

Dancing isn’t something that was always a part of Farrah’s life.  But when she first started taking lessons as a young adult, she immediately knew that this was the right choice for her.  What started out as a night out salsa dancing, turned into a life changing experience.  She started out dancing socially, then quickly moved on into pro-am competitions, as well as various dance showcases.  It didn’t take long for her to make a career change and focus her new life on ballroom and latin dancing.  She started out with Arthur Murray Dance Studios, and then expanded her certifications with obtaining her DVIDA certificate as well.  Farrah became passionate about dance and was determined to bring the joy of dance to all her students.  

Farrah has trained with some of the top coaches in the ballroom world, even alongside some coaches from Dancing with The Stars.  She offers anything from private lessons, to group classes, to wedding choreography and more….

Farrah continues to take other dance classes such as ballet, hip hop and tap to keep herself well rounded as a dancer and reap the benefits of knowing other dance styles and incorporating them into her ballroom/latin style.  See you on the dancefloor!


Jason Ng, Dance Specialist

Performing arts has always been part of Jason’s life. At the tender age of 3, piano was his first love until dance took over when he was 12 years old and has never looked back. Competing in International Standard and Latin, winning many junior, regional and national competitions, this would only be the beginning of an amazing journey. 

The love for salsa and the latin flavour & rhythms pushed his dancing to another level of excellence. Never the one to stop learning, Jason has added American Smooth/Rhythm, West Coast swing, Bachata and Kizomba to his dance arsenal. Learning from the best teachers in the world has led him to teach, perform and compete nationally and internationally. 

When he is not on-stage creating magic, he is Teaching, convey thanks to students, private lessons, group classes, performance team,Wedding choreo

He continually strives to achieve excellence in everything and keeps building his ever-impressive dance repertoire.


Melodious Vibes

Saxophonist Allan de Lara and pianist Glen Nerona established Melodious Vibes in 1995, performing together throughout their high school, college and university years. Both believed in having only the best music selections and qualified musicians for their client's special events.

The Melodious Vibes team of quality musicians continue to perform at various events and venues throughout the Greater Toronto area and Southern Ontario, consisting of: saxophones, piano, bass, guitar, drums and vocals.

Jazz has been a fundamental tool for the Melodious Vibes' arrangements and repertoire selections, however other styles of music include: classical, latin jazz, classic and contemporary r&b ballads, acid jazz, funk, house, top 40 and more.




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