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NUUNION est.2020 is a professional DJ & Event Services and lifestyle brand.  NUUNION is a community of passionate enthusiasts connecting ALL TOGETHER as one NUUNION!


On May 4th, 2020 the evolution of NUUNION began.  During all the Covid-19 and social distancing, the need for people to connect became very popular on social platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram live streams.  NUUNION stems from the lyrics of a song with the words "NU" and the word "UNION" represented the people connecting online from the social media live streams.   Merchandise had evolved first into the T-Shirt which has a very special personalized feel with your "Hello my Name is" Tag on the left sleeve and also the custom #hashtag or name at the back of the shirt.  The concept of this t-shirt design was to help promote socializing similar to the chat rooms on Twitch, FB, IG Live streams.   


NUUNION provides a one-stop-shop community of suppliers such as DJs, musicians, singers, dancers, artists, and all enthusiasts and will work locally and internationally with your personal needs and all types of events!    


For more information about joining our NUUNION family please reach us directly at 416-712-2845.

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